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Solar Roast Coffee is actively seeking passionate franchisees like you to help us satisfy the ever increasing demand of the $18 Billion+ US coffee market!

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Solar Roast Coffee 1Solar Roast Coffee 2Solar Roast Coffee was established in 2007 by brothers Michael and David Hartkop on the idea of the Hartkop brothers building their own coffee roaster using solar power. Their quest was to produce the best tasting coffee and they wanted to do so by using environmentally friendly methods. Many trials and experiments later they have perfected their roasting process. In the years since Solar Roast Coffee has become the best coffeehouse in town! The word has spread and people all over order their coffee online and in over 60 retail stores. Now Solar Roast is expanding with a new exciting business opprtunity- you can own your own Solar Roast Coffee!

Solar Roast makes artisan batches of coffee using their patent pending technique called Solar Aroma Roasting. This gives the full flavor of the coffee bean without the bitterness and burnt taste associated with other coffee houses. Harnessing energy from the sun as well as implementing other green practices have earned them a Carbon Neutral Status to help the environment. The cafe features Fast, Fresh, Healthy menu. The menu is simple and diverse, featuring the best breakfast burrito you have ever had as well as gluten-free house-baked pastries, and other special dietary menu options to create offerings that anyone can choose from and enjoy. Solar Roast Coffee is everybody’s favorite cafe.

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The unique coffee blends create taste and sensory memories. Solar Roast Coffee stands above the competition with their brews having the smoothest coffee flavor possible. At Solar Roast Coffee they “Let the coffee do the talking!”

Over the years Solar Roast Coffee has gained an extensive amount of marketing and PR because of our unique business and its use of green technology. Over 400 million cups of coffee are sold in the US everyday and specialty coffee sales increased 20% last year. NOW is the time to be in the Sustainable Coffee Business!



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