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TechZone provides support to the auto collision repair industry by insourcing interior automotive repairs. They function as a mobile repair service, or franchisees can choose to open a fixed site service. Since 1992, TechZone (previously known as Airbag Service) has been honing and modifying its business process to give its franchisee, the best shot at success as possible. Over the years, safety systems expanded throughout the interior of the car and Airbag Service expanded with them. In order to properly service airbag systems, they have to work on every aspect of the vehicles? interior. Techzone now supports much more than just airbags, and they offer services for electrical repair, dashboards, steering columns, seats, interiors, electronics, and computer diagnostics. Their motto has become ?Everything Inside The Glass?, and the name, TechZone, reflects their expanded technical expertise, business direction, and market opportunity.

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In the early '90s, engineer Douglas C. Hansen was working for an aerospace firm developing airbag inflators. He discovered there was a lack of understanding regarding airbag systems?how they worked, how they should be handled and how they should be repaired.
Propelled by that discovery and recent legislation that required all cars to be equipped with driver and passenger airbags, Hansen and his wife, Victoria, founded Airbag Service. Franchisees work with repair shops and consumers in testing, maintaining and replacing airbags.
The company has co-branding relationships with Novus and Apple Auto Glass.

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