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Grout Medic is a mobile, home-based franchise offering convenient, cost-effective, and cutting-edge residential and commercial tile, grout and caulking services. Grout Medic also cleans, repairs and restores stone, tile floors and countertops.

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The Grout Medic is the leading grout & tile restoration franchise in the US. Our franchise owners come from all walks of life, but all share common goals: to gain control over their future and provide a better lifestyle and opportunity for themselves and their families.

At The Grout Medic™ the mission is simple: Create an opportunity to provide motivated, hardworking, business-minded individuals a low cost, high margin path to success. In doing so, The Grout Medic™ has become a leading grout and tile repair service with a cost effective and highly profitable operating system offering a valuable service to  customers, with very little competition. The Company’s foundation is based on solid business principles, extensive training, unparalleled operating support for franchisees, and -- most of all -- the franchise's experienced and dedicated people.

Grout Medic's ideal candidate for a franchisee is someone with an outgoing personality, with self-confidence, and in good shape to do light physical work. Successful candidates will have an interest in starting the business and learning it well before staffing. Grout Medic requires no specific prior education or skill sets for its franchise program -- the franchise teaches new franchisees all they'll need to know, starting from the ground up -- but an understanding of general business practices, such as selling, marketing, and accounting, will be an advantage.

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