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Waterway Fire Hose and Ground Ladder Testing franchise is the nation's fastest-growing provider of fire hose testing and ground ladder testing services to America's Fire Departments. In 1989, Waterway introduced fire departments and fire safety providers to the concept of outsourced fire hose testing.

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Waterway is the nation's fastest growing provider of vital, annually required fire hose testing to America's Fire Departments.

Our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified, proprietary equipment delivers the most efficient testing system for Fire Departments and virtually guarantees repeat business. You benefit from our 20 years of experience and trade secrets.


This is a low risk, steady growth, recession-proof business. Hose testing is an annual requirement of the NFPA, the official fire safety body. In most states, no formal competition anywhere means you can build your given territory your way.


The Waterway franchise opportunity offers substantial benefits:


  • A huge market - there are approximately 60,000 fire stations in the US.
  • There is a US government recommendation that every fire station has their hose tested each year. Every year you build on the year before. Once you have signed them up, you rarely lose your customers.
  • No formal fire-hose testing service currently exists in the USA with the right, time-tested equipment and experience that we have.
  • There is an increase in federal and state pressure to place a higher priority on fire protection.
  • Waterway has its own proprietary equipment and software recording system.
  • In addition to testing, cleaning services can be sold to create an additional revenue stream.
  • Extra revenue streams from ladder testing from 2009 and industrial testing - factories/plants which are subject to the NFPA regulations.
  • Individual fire departments have 24/7 access to their records with their own individual user ID and password.
  • There is a ready labor market - off duty firefighters are ideal and it gives them the opportunity to earn extra cash on their days off.
  • Labor costs are low as no special skills are required.
  • Financial control systems and marketing materials have been specifically designed for our franchisees.
  • Three days of practical and business training, using the equipment and learning to service the business, mean you'll be able to make a start straight away.
  • It's an affordable investment.



The Waterway franchise opportunity is unique:

  • Working firefighters can earn extra cash on their days off
  • Retired firefighters can run as full-time business
  • Financial control systems and marketing materials have been specifically made for the franchisee
  • It's a great environment to be a part of. It's fun and keeps the franchisee and crew in touch with the world they know and love.
  • Take advantage of Waterway's brand leadership in the sector and the dynamic growth that has driven it there.
  • Three days practical and business training, using the equipment and learning to service the business, means you'll be able to make a start straight away.
  • Franchise marketing territories are exclusively respected
  • Franchises can be passed to generations of your family
  • A very accessible franchise fee

Is the Waterway Fire Hose Testing franchise opportunity for you?
Our ideal franchise partner is a career or volunteer firefighter, a retired firefighter or a person who knows someone with that background who can participate.


While our franchise owners do not have to test hose themselves, many of them do. The franchisee's primary role is to run the business - promoting and selling their services, speaking with (and getting to know) the Fire Departments, and growing the overall enterprise.


Successful franchisees will be good at leading a small team (usually a crew of eight, at least one of whom should be an off-duty firefighter or someone with a similar background), have a respect for the nation's fire safety services, and - ideally - have connections with these services (either directly or through someone whom they know).


Join the Waterway franchise network while there's still availability.


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