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Winzer provides access to more than a million different fasteners, tools and other supplies for automotive and industrial repair. Winzer has grown to be a major, full-service distributor to more than 35,000 customers in a variety of markets. Packaged fasteners, nuts, bolts, clamps, adhesives, sealers, electrical components, cutting tools, fluid power fittings, chemicals, shop supplies and other related products and services—Winzer offers every conceivable item you need to automotive and industrial repairs or replacements. With its centrally located Dallas headquarters and access to more than a million different fasteners, tools and other supplies, Winzer provides a level of service second to none.

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With the Winzer program, franchisees have the ability to partner with a full-line supplier, consolidate their vendors, broaden their product offering, and most importantly, maintain their independence. A new approach to the fastener sales business, the Winzer franchise system harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of the salesperson, combines it with the support and service of a large company and eliminates the day-to-day hassles of running a business. The formula has been developed to allow franchise owners to do what they do best: sell. With a fully automated warehouse system, 99% fill rate, extensive customer service, and a large network of independently owned franchises, Winzer is a safe investment for franchise entrepreneurs.

Winzer Franchise Opportunities – History

Winzer Corporation was founded in 1978 by Klaus Wuerth, and opened its first distribution center in Culver City, California. In 1979, growing rapidly, Winzer moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas. Winzer has since grown be become one of the industry’s leading distributors of maintenance repair supplies. Winzer is overseen by John Carney, CEO and president.

Winzer Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Winzer Franchise Income

For information regarding fees and costs associated with opening and operating a Winzer franchise, contact Winzer Corporation at 800-527-4126.

Winzer Business Opportunities: Other Information

Winzer services numerous government agencies, including the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard, in addition to the FBI, U.S. Postal Service, Department of Defense, and the U.S. Federal Prison System, among others.

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