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YogaSix Franchise

YogaSix is a prominent franchise that offers a transformative yoga experience designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. With a focus on modern, accessible yoga classes, YogaSix combines the ancient practice of yoga with contemporary techniques to create a dynamic and inclusive environment. The franchise prides itself on its diverse range of classes, catering to individuals of all skill levels and interests. From hot yoga to power yoga and everything in between, YogaSix aims to provide a welcoming space where individuals can explore their yoga journey. Backed by a supportive community and expert instructors, YogaSix franchisees have the opportunity to be part of a thriving wellness brand that promotes physical and mental well-being while fostering personal growth and balance.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$294,836 - $499,236
Franchise fee
Units in operation


YogaSix Franchise History

YogaSix is a contemporary yoga studio brand that offers a modern approach to the ancient practice of yoga. While YogaSix is a relatively new player in the yoga industry, it has quickly gained recognition and popularity for its unique concept and high-quality yoga experiences.

The story of YogaSix began in 2012 when the company's founders identified a need for a more modern and accessible yoga experience. They aimed to create a welcoming space that would appeal to a broader audience, including those who might be new to yoga or prefer a contemporary atmosphere.

In 2016, YogaSix officially launched its first studio in San Diego, California. The studio quickly garnered attention for its innovative classes, which blend various yoga styles and incorporate elements of fitness and mindfulness. This approach attracted a diverse clientele and positioned YogaSix as a fresh and inclusive yoga brand.

As the popularity of YogaSix grew, the company embarked on an expansion journey. It began offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs interested in bringing the YogaSix experience to their communities. The franchise model allowed YogaSix to rapidly expand its reach and open studios in different cities across the United States.

With its emphasis on accessibility, variety, and a modern aesthetic, YogaSix has gained a reputation for being a yoga brand that caters to different lifestyles and fitness levels. Their classes range from strength-focused sessions to more meditative and restorative practices, ensuring there's something for everyone.

As YogaSix continues to evolve and expand, it remains dedicated to its mission of making yoga accessible to all, embracing innovation, and inspiring individuals to live their best lives through the practice of yoga.

YogaSix Franchise Business Opportunity

YogaSix franchise offers an exceptional business opportunity in the thriving wellness industry. As a franchisee, you gain access to a well-established and respected brand that combines the ancient practice of yoga with a modern, innovative approach. With YogaSix, you can tap into the increasing demand for holistic fitness and mind-body wellness, attracting a diverse range of clients seeking physical and mental balance. The franchise provides comprehensive support, including extensive training, proven business systems, and marketing assistance, empowering you to establish a successful yoga studio that fosters community and promotes well-being. Embark on a fulfilling journey as a YogaSix franchisee and become part of a rapidly growing network dedicated to transforming lives through the power of yoga.


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