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Young Rembrandts is a step by step, instructional drawing program for preschool and elementary age children

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Young Rembrandts is a step by step, instructional drawing program for preschool and elementary age children. Young Rembrandts franchises can operate as a home based business, networking within the community and education system to coordinate classes and hire part time instructors. These instructors guide students using a unique curriculum developed by artists and educators to boost kids art skills, learning abilities and self-confidence.

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About Us

Young Rembrandts 1Young Rembrandts' mission is to encourage creativity, technique, and joy of the artistic process by offering a unique, step-by-step method that successfully teaches children how to draw. There are two values central to Young Rembrandts existence - the love of art, and our dedication to enriching the lives of children. We believe that drawing is a learnable skill and that every child is an artist. How to teach it is the key.

Specializing in preschool and elementary-age children, we incorporate learning effectiveness as proven by the latest studies on right and left-brain functioning, with a whole child readiness approach. Young Rembrandts uses this extraordinary key to unlock each child's joy as they discover the creative process within. At the heart of this methodology and technique, is our pure and simple love for children.

Our Program

Young Rembrandts Children's Drawing Program combines a unique step-by-step method of teaching children how to draw while instilling life-long skills that lead to a child's overall personal success. Drawing is a learnable skill, therefore, each child, especially those with an interest in art, deserves the chance to be taught, just as they would be taught to read, write, add or subtract.

We invite you to investigate joining the Young Rembrandts Franchise family. A Young Rembrandts Franchise offers a valuable, repeatable product, a marketable service in an exclusive territory, and a profitable business with a low start-up cost. Our corporate office is there to give you the support and training you need to bring this unique curriculum to children in your area. If you are attracted to a wise investment with a potential for strong financial returns, and making the world a brighter place, we look forward to hearing from you!

Why Us

A Rewarding CareerYoung Rembrandts 2

  • Feel good about what you do and make a difference in your community! Create jobs in your community, impact education and have more time with your family without giving up your career.

A Profitable Business

  • Our home based business model, keeps start up and overhead costs extremely low. 

A Valuable Product

  • Young Rembrandts’ Drawing Curriculum offers a step-by-step technique that promotes art education and the development of learning skills. Kids love it, parents love it and so will you.

A Marketable Service

  • The Young Rembrandts’ proven business model can be applied to any market territory. High quality after-school programs are in demand more than ever. Parents and teachers understand the value of enrichment, and the positive impact on children’s lives and academic performance.

Ideal Candidate

The Ideal Young Rembrandts Candidate:Young Rembrandts 3

  • A strong leader with great people skills, committed to quality and excellence
  • A networker and connector in their community, determined to be a successful entrepreneur
  • A desire to positively impact a community and improve education
  • Strong business and management skills are essential to being a Young Rembrandts Franchisee. But, a certified teaching or art degree is not required.

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