ZipCubes Franchise

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About ZipCubes

ZipCubes Storage Corp. is a San Francisco based company with a focus on moving and storage services. Their goal is to provide their customers with the most efficient and economical way to move and store their belongings. The company allows their customers to pack their equipment and the company takes responsibility to move the items to their secure storage location. ZipCubes Storage Corp. is a member of the Mobile Self Storage Association and Self Storage Associations.

Full Franchise Information

Participation In A Nationwide Moving Service ZipCubes will be offering a nationwide self-pack type of moving service. Apart from the storage and transportation revenue both at point of origin and at destination, the Franchisees will receive a fee for each move of a CUBE from the Franchisee's territory. ZipCubes' affiliate, will centrally perform the administration and tracking of the nationwide moving service for moves that originates in each Franchisee's territory. Request more information about this opportunity

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