Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Announcing Support@FranchiseHelp, Our New Knowledge Base To Equip Franchise Brands For Faster Growth 

FranchiseHelp has been building marketing technology in the franchising space for many years.

And if you had to describe how our product works to an outsider, the answer would sound like one of those drop down menus on an online dating profile:

It’s complicated.

Naturally, many people have many questions. From our clients to our users to our partners to our employees, we get a lot of inbound calls and emails about how certain aspects of our technology work.

And so, we wanted to build a way for people to feel empowered to do their own research, help themselves and get answers quickly, easily, and most importantly, consistently.

Today we’re announcing the launch of Support@FranchiseHelp, a public knowledge base that equips you with the knowledge to connect with future owners and grow your franchise brand.

Questions about finance? No problem. Learn about payments, billing and refunds on your FranchiseHelp account. Here's one article on delivery emails:

Curious about leads? Learn about organizing, importing and working leads on your FranchiseHelp account. Here's our article on geo filters:

Need help within your account? Learn about onboarding, optimizing and managing your FranchiseHelp account. Check out some CRM tips:

Everything you read on our knowledge basis is reverse engineered from real questions our clients have asked us (many, many times!) over the years. We’ve put tremendous thought into our answers, we stand by every word we wrote, and now we’re making these resources available to you.

The best part is, if there’s a question you have about our tech, or something you have always wanted to know about our unique approach to franchise development, we want to hear from you. Our knowledge base may spark a question, so ping us at, and we’ll not only answer you, but if it's an issue we haven’t addressed yet, we’ll also immortalize your question as part of our knowledge base. 

Support@FranchiseHelp, has been built and will continue to be built in collaboration with our clients. We’ll always be adding to it as long as we’re around. Franchising will always have questions, and we’ll always have answers.

Even if it's complicated.

Introducing FranCalc: Our Tool To Help Franchise Brands Forecast Sales & Optimize Marketing

Today we're launching its new tool called FranCalc, the world’s first franchise growth marketing calculator. FranCalc allows companies to input data specific to their organization in order to see how various sales and marketing strategies will work for them.

We Changed Our Email Send Times, Again – Five Graphs That Tell the Whole Story

For those of you who have followed the lead generation resource center since its inception, you’ll realize that we’re almost 18 months into this awesome experiment. We certainly appreciate your avid readership, as it inspires us to cover all the latest in online franchise lead generation.

How to use Conversion Data to Crush your 2020 Sales Goals

Now that we’re all off and rolling on our sales goals for the year, it’s a great time to visit our goals and specifically how to track progress towards them. Here at FranchiseHelp, we don’t do anything without data, so let’s take a look at how to use data to understand and reach your goals.