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I'm Falling In Love With Facebook

Everett Knag
Monday, December 15 2014

Who Wants To Open a Franchise?

Social media marketing

I’m falling in love with Facebook, and here’s why:

Facebook Love

If you’re like most, you probably assume that social media is a marketing channel full of thirteen year old girls.

Yes, if you run untargeted social media ads, you’re certain to get low quality traffic, but you might be surprised that Facebook ads can be(and should be) one of your highest quality traffic sources!

Teen girl excited about Facebook

Facebook is my favorite way to

  • target high quality individuals

  • encourage website visitors to return (via remarketing),

  • Analyze Our Target Demographics 

The best part is, this all comes at costs similar to our other popular SEM channels.

For Franchisors, Success In Social Media Advertising Depends On Two Things

  • How compelling their ads are

  • How well they can answer the question “Who Wants To Open A Franchise”

Lucky for us, Facebook has been busy gathering, buying, and aggregating data about Facebook users! They’ve tied all that information back to Facebook profiles so that YOU can send them relevant ads. They have a million ways to target people.Dr. Evil getting excited about Facebook

Here are 10 Randomly selected Facebook targeting settings

  1. Net Worth and Income

  2. Business Owners

  3. Office type (home, corporate, small office)

  4. Business Purchase History

  5. Political and Non-Profit donation history

  6. Household composition

  7. Page Likes

  8. Home Value

  9. specific Interests and/or Hobbies

  10. And my favorite “Has the user purchased milk recently”

The kinds of people who visit

This screenshot shows us an overview of the types of people that visit 

Topping the List are all categories comprised of affluent and ambitious individuals who are actively seeking further professional success.

2014 FranchiseHelp Top Facebook Lifestyle Demographics

And the kinds who don't Visit

2014 FranchiseHelp Bottom Facebook Lifestyle Demographics

Here we learn that the people least likely to go to are groups of low income rural parents and grandparents

The most common occupations of Visitors

2014 FranchiseHelp Top Facebook Job Titles

jobs that visitors avoid

2014 FranchiseHelp Bottom Facebook Job Titles

Demographics Of FranchiseHelp Lead Submitters

What type of person actually submits a lead to become a franchisee via

2014 Facebook Lead Submitters to FranchiseHelp

What we have found is that education and relationship status are some of the most predictive factors when evaluating if a population is likely to be interested in franchising.

2014 FranchiseHelp Relationship and Education Data from Facebook

People with higher income tend to be more interested in franchising via

2014 FranchiseHelp HH Income Data from Facebook

Lastly, the most significant indicator of a franchisee is always age

2014 Franchisehelp Age and Gender Data from Facebook

Now Compare these audiances with people who currently own a franchise. You might be surprised how similar they are.
WSJ Franchising Infographic