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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Is Your Franchise Brand Making These Four Critical Calculations for Sales Growth?

Digital marketing results and success will come when you are practical and thoughtful about every variable

If your brand wants to award more franchises, then you need to better forecast sales and visualize metrics to track your goal accordingly.

We’ve been supercharged with the recent launch of our new product called FranCalc, the world’s first franchise growth marketing calculator. FranCalc allows you to input data specific to your organization in order to see how various sales and marketing strategies will work for you.

Our mission is to help franchisors make decisions that are informed and rational, one calculation at a time, so today we’re going to dive into the four critical calculations for sales growth:

  1. Franchise Unit Value
  2. Lead to Deal
  3. Tech Partnership
  4. Lead Gen Reach & Cost

Franchise Unit Value

The old way of focusing on initial franchise fees creates a smash and grab goal. Franchise salespeople need numbers on the board, but company executives are thinking bigger and longer term. The here and now value is important, yes, but what about three to ten years from now?

If you want to predict the expected new deal value over the average deal term including royalty collections and other metrics, run our Franchise Unit Value Calculator:

Lead to Deal

How many leads turn into deals? Well, it varies wildly based on several different factors. Under the hood are up-to-date research, brand details, and industry averages. It’s crucial to consider your current or speculative lead flow to see how many deals can come from your sales efforts, plus what your ROI could be before pulling the trigger.

If your franchise organization wants to forecast how many deals you can realistically expect to close from online leads, as well as project ROI, use our Lead to Deal Calculator:

Tech Partnership

Before signing any sales or marketing service agreement, you must anticipate the possible ROI. Get that buy-in from the executive team! Especially when looking at high-impact, high-investment franchise development website lead development engine.

Move forward with tech that grows your organization. A sophisticated lead generation engine can turbocharge your existing franchise website, and show returns that make it one of your enterprise's best investments.

If you’re considering implementing the FH Hopper engine for your franchise website, make sure you understand the investment and ROI by running our Tech Partnership ROI Calculator:

Lead Gen Reach & Cost

Transparency in pricing instills confidence and trust, plus it's the right thing to do. But where do you want to target, and how much is the minimum investment for your brand? Understanding how your brand details and sales strategy affects your marketing reach is important. And once you gain a greater understanding of how CPL is determined, you can take agency over it, and grow!

See how much a lead generation package could cost, and how to access discounts with our Lead Gen Reach & Cost Calculator:

With all four of these critical calculations, you can be sure to make financial decisions practically and thoughtfully.

Every variable is accounted for here, and plugging in the right metrics will help your franchise brand plan for success in your marketing and sales investments.

Happy number crunching!

Scott Ginsberg is Head of Content at FranchiseHelp. His favorite computer game was 1986's Number Munchers.

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