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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

The Influence of Franchising

Franchising has been a significant part of our lives for longer than we could imagine. Even as we approach 10 years of being in the franchising space, and the industry has changed significantly over the years, one thing has always remained constant - the lessons a franchise can teach us.

We spoke to one of our newest members of the FranchiseHelp family, Alfonso, to hear about how franchising has shaped his outlook on his life. Read on for more! 


Client trip to Waco TX took me through the town of my childhood, and where I first met the franchise world. As I got closer to the turn off, I just had to go look at where my dad's restaurant once stood.

I was 14, and my dad told the family that he bought a restaurant, becoming a franchisee of K-Bob's Steakhouse. Few people will know the name. It was a long time ago. The experiences of working in that restaurant instilled much of the professional core I have today, and all of the grit necessary to get things done.

In my youth, I didn't quite get the scope of what my dad was trying to accomplish. As an adult, working careers of my own, I look positively on all of what happened with our restaurant through the lens of entrepreneurial spirit. I appreciate the leap my dad took, the courage to go into business FOR himself, and by no means BY himself. I admire the strength and commitment of everyone who stood by our side, and endured the hard times.

Many years ago, on this spot, I was a kid with everything to learn, and eager to help my family build something. Now, as a much larger kid... with grey hair, I aim to use everything I've learned since to benefit those around me, personally and professionally, and to help reassure that we are all in this together.

Go do big things, y'all.

Alfonso Flores is the Director of Strategic Growth at FranchiseHelp. You can read the original post on LinkedIn here!

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