Turning Leads Into Candidates

WEBINAR: Following Up With Franchise Leads

Eli Robinson
Wednesday, June 29 2016

In this webinar, FranchiseHelp's Eli Robinson discusses best practices for following up with franchise leads, and get to Step Three of online franchise lead generation: Turning Leads into Candidates.

Following up with leads - emails, texts, and call strategy

  • Two key concepts to quantify your followup process:

    • Your Franchise's Funnel: How do people move through your sales process?

    • Real Costs: What are the hard and soft costs of contacting leads?

  • The most (and least) important ways you should reach out to your leads.

    • From emails to calls to texts, all the way to direct mail.

  • The number one thing you can do to increase conversion rates is by following up with your leads immediately.

    • When at all possible, call your leads within one minute.

    • Conversion rates drastically within minutes.

  • Continue to follow up with a combination of calls, texts, and emails. Leads are never "dead".

  • Plus: see how we're testing real franchisors' followup strategies.