Turning Visitors Into Leads

Which messages appeal most to potential franchisees?

Eli Robinson
Wednesday, October 01 2014

It depends, obviously!

What? You thought that the answer to this question would be straightforward? Unfortunately no.

That being said, there are lots of franchises out there that don’t have a nuanced understanding of what types of messaging works.

When you visit their website, you see a single message that tries to hammer home a single point to every single person that visits.

The fact of the matter is that every single potential franchisee needs to be messaged to in a different way.

Later in the sales process, you’ll solve this problem by dedicating a specific sales person to speak with them directly. However, at this point in the process, you’ll have to settle for trying a number of different messages and seeing which ones work for your brand.

At the highest level, we think about different messages in 8 different categories:




Works for Potential Franchisee Who….


“Open a McDonald’s”

Uses your franchise’s brand predominately in order use brand equity to drive potential franchisees to act.

Has a positive brand affinity with your brand, and has a latent desire to open your specific franchise.


“A Franchise Magazine Top Children’s Franchise for 2014”

Uses the unbiased natured of a third party service to validate the idea of opening a franchise

Doesn’t know much about your brand, and wants to make sure that you’re for real.

Competitive Advantage

“The only barbershop with a franchisee fee under $25,000”

Differentiates your franchise versus other franchises in your category that may be competing for the same franchisee

Is interested in opening a specific category of franchise but hasn’t decided which franchise is right for him/her

Advantage over Current Job

“Be your own boss”

Plays on the negative emotions most Americans have toward their current employer by offering an attainable alternative

Is tired of the status quo, and is looking to make a major life change

Post-open franchise support

“Receive ongoing training and support as well as a dedicated marketing consultant to help you get started”

Ease the qualms associated with the thought of being an entrepreneur for the first time.

Has the capital to make the jump, but isn’t quite sure they have the business acumen necessary to achieve success.

Ease of opening a franchise

“Only $45,000 necessary to open your own franchise”

Educate someone on how easy it is to open a franchise. Most potential franchisees are paralyzed by the misnomer that opening a franchise is impossible for them.

Doesn’t know a lot about the actual franchising process and needs to be coached about why franchising could work for them.

Testimonials / Success Stories

“’I can’t believe I ever worked in corporate America!’ –Linda, Franchisee in Dallas

Put a human story to a rather financial and legal process. Stories always go a long way to helping someone visualize themselves in a new situation.

Thinks that franchising may be right for them, but doesn’t know anyone that’s ever done it before.

Data Points

“Our average franchise grosses over $1.2 MM in revenue per year”

Provide clarity into the economics associated with the backend of franchising. Answer questions like how much money someone can expect to make.

Savvy investor who is deciding whether or not to invest their money in the stock market or open one of your franchises.

Wow. That’s a lot. So what’s next? How do figure out which types of messages work for your franchise.

Split testing! Duh!

Get a lot of different messages out there and see what sticks!

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