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Craft Beer Cellar


Craft Beer Cellar is a store that, not surprisingly, focuses on selling craft beer. This segment of the overall beer industry in the United States has more than doubled its sales since 2004, which comes to nearly $10 billion per year. That’s approximately 10 percent of the beer market, and is a number that continues to grow.

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Facts & Figures

$48,000 - $120,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Two major differences exist between Craft Beer Cellar and every other store that sells beer. The first stems from the franchise’s laser-like focus on craft beers, which includes a number of international brands. Obtaining some of these obscure labels as well as discovering new domestic options requires constant research and an established distribution network to get the product to its customers. The second is related to how Craft Beer Cellar is able to make such a strong connection with its customers. By offering knowledgeable salespeople who can offer samples of new products during multiple tastings held every week, they help forge a bond that cements customer loyalty.

History of Craft Beer Cellar

Just four years ago, two veterans of the restaurant business came up with the concept of creating a new paradigm for selling beer. Placing much of their focus on the growing interest in craft beers, Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow created a comfortable shopping experience that was marketed on social media, which led to instant success. There are now 13 Craft Beer Cellar stores in operation, most of them in the Northeast and Missouri. Plans are in the works to add at least 10 more stores nationwide.

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