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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

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As a Franchise Consultant for Franchise Creator, you will help the businesses in your exclusive territory to franchise their business. With a low investment, ongoing support, multiple revenue streams and large commissions, you are perfectly positioned for a successful and lucrative business.

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Are you interested in:

  • Making money working from home?
  • Being your own boss?
  • Working on your own schedule?
  • Helping to support your communities’ economy?
  • Helping your neighbors grow their small businesses effortlessly and cash in on their success?
  • Becomingpart of a powerful company with partnerships with dozens of big name organizations across the country and a CEO with years of real world experience in the industry?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then becoming a Franchise Consultant for Franchise Creator is right for you. You can become a Franchise Consultant by owning a home-based franchise opportunity that is offered by Franchise Creator.

What will you do as a Franchise Consultant?

As a franchise consultant,

  1. You would be in charge of researching potentially franchiseable businesses within your exclusive territory, by using our propriety methods and reaching out to them to offer Franchise Creators franchising services.
  2. You also sell franchises offered by any of our clients that wish to grow within your exclusive territory.

How do I Make Money as a Franchise Consultant?

As a result of the extensive trainings provided to you as a franchisee of Franchise Creator, you will become a Franchise Consultant with multiple revenue streams. Your first revenue stream is through a large commission you receive every time a business within your exclusive territory hires the services of Franchise Creator in order to convert their operation into a franchise system. Your second revenue stream is through a large commission you receive every time a person within your exclusive territory purchases a franchise in one of the partner companies of Franchise Creator.

Franchise Creator has partnered with multiple franchised businesses in offering their franchises to people everywhere worldwide. Your third revenue stream is through a large commission you receive every time one of the franchised businesses in your exclusive territory hires the services of Franchise Creator in order to maintain or improve their franchise operation.

What kind of Investment is Required to Become a Franchise Consultant?

You can become a member of the Franchise Creator family and begin to work from home with a very small initial investment. Franchise Creator’s home-based franchise opportunity not only provides a low start-up cost, but it also provides a very low operating cost, as you run your business from home.

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1. Free continuing support services

The continuing support services delivered to our franchisees is absolutely free. One of the benefits of becoming a Franchise Creator Franchisee is that there are no royalties. You are entitled to continuous use of the Franchise Creator name and trademarks, access to unmatched franchisee support system, which includes operating system, marketing assistance, ongoing trainings, ongoing business development, business consulting and many more benefits that come along with being a part of the Franchise Creator team. Once you become a part of our franchise family, we become committed to you.

2. Extensive training as to how to be a successful Franchise Consultant

Our program walks you through the process of how to select businesses in your territory that are good candidates for becoming a franchise. We also teach you how to sell franchises to individuals that are ready to start their own business and are looking for a new opportunity that fits their lifestyle. We provide you with successful and fully tested marketing approaches that ensure the most effective way to produce results.

3. Continuing guidance from industry professionals

Our job doesn’t end when you buy your franchise. In fact our job has just begun. We support you from the moment you show interest in this program, continue with your territory selection and up to the day you start your business and every day after that to make sure you remain profitable and successful in your business. In addition to the initial training sessions, you will attend refresher training seminars that are offered continuously. Almost all trainings are offered through webinars, which eliminate the need for you to travel anywhere.

4. Complete Ownership of a particular territory of your choice

Each Franchise Creator location will operate within its own “designated area”, inside of which, no other Franchise Creator franchises’ will be developed.

5. Individualized assistance with advertising

Localized branding of Franchise Creator is a crucial element for the rapid success of your business. We will provide you with unique marketing methods in order to effectively reach out to local businesses that are ready for expansion and are qualified to become a franchised business. We also provide you with multiple marketing channels that reach out to individuals within your territory that are interested in buying one of the partner franchise systems offered by Franchise Creator.

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