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IDS Websites

IDS Websites Franchise

IDS Website's mission is simple and astonishing…To blow away the competition and help you make a 6 figure income. Blow away the competition AND help you make a 6 figure income through a simple system that allows you to give away our professionally designed websites to businesses, absolutely FREE!

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


IDS Website's mission is simple and astonishing... To blow away the competition AND help you make a 6 figure income through a simple system that allows you to give away our professionally designed websites to businesses, absolutely FREE!

Here is just a small sample of comments from our website owners:

"My site looks great! You have a real gift for assimilating info and presenting it in a stylish fashion. Bravo!"

"Being online really helps me compete with big franchise flower shops."

"Our customers really love being able to find our menu and directions online."

"IDS made the whole process so simple that it required very little time on my part. Well Done!"

We know that IDS Websites works for both our website owners and the licensed Design Consultant. Here's what an exciting career as a licensed Design Consultant has to offer you.

Competitive Advantage While all of your competitors are bumping into each other trying to sell websites with design fees of $800.00, $1,000.00 or even higher, you will be empowered to provide the same quality website to your clients literally for free, with no design fee, no exorbitant set-up charges or outrageous hosting rates.

Earnings An unrivalled earning potential with an amazing profit margin is generated by accumulating recurring hosting fees that keep rolling in every month and multiplying with each passing day! By giving away as few as 2 websites a day, you could enjoy an annual earning range of $80,000 to $100,000 in your first year alone. Earning $200,000 or more the second year with the same amount of time and effort is not only possible, it's inevitable! Watch your passive income grow exponentially as your customer base and business expands.

The IDS Advantage OfferinginnovativeInternet solutions based on an unbeatable competitive advantage, low investment, and building a lucrative recurring income are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Design Consultant with IDS.

The initial investment to open a licensed territory ranges between $5,500 and $10,500.00 and depends on the size of your protected territory and your business plan for working that area. This investment provides for comprehensive one-on-one training with your personal Business Success Coach, as well as an amplesupply of marketing materialsto insure a fast and successful business start up for you.

Personalized Training You do not need to know html, Macro Media Dreamweaver or ASP to design our websites. You do not need to know how to point a website to a server for it to be hosted. You do not need to be a computer guru. And you absolutely do not need weeks of intensive training.

Each IDS Design Consultant benefits from having their Business Success Coach travel to their city for 3 days of hands on, comprehensive training in the Design Consultant's territory. The goal of this initial one-on-one training is simple:To help you, the Design Consultant, launch your business quickly, effectively, and generate income in a short period of time. Training begins with the creation of a business plan that defines each Design Consultants' entry strategy into their territory. Additionally, the personalized training will address:

  • Identifying and Implementing Your Primary Marketing Strategies- Each IDS Design Consultant will work with their personal Business Success Coach to identify and implement three primary marketing strategies appropriate for each Design Consultants' territory, budget, personal experience and preference.
  • Website Design Process- Each Design Consultant will also be thoroughly trained in the website design process - interacting with business owners to identify their marketing needs, creating the look and feel of their site, writing and editing the website text, and gathering additional design materials (pictures, logos, collateral material, etc). Client follow up and on going contact methods are also emphasized to insure continued client satisfaction.
  • Ongoing Training and Support- On site training is just the beginning - support of each IDS Design Consultant is an ongoing process. Weekly conference calls, daily contact with Success Coaches, and access to an online marketing and information center are additional resources available to support the success of each IDS Design Consultant. Regional and national training events are also offered to advance each IDS Design Consultants' business development and success.

Business in a Box Marketing Kit IDS Design Consultants also receive a Business in a Box Marketing Kit to kick start their business. Each kit includes a variety of materials ranging from business cards and brochures to local business leads.

Support Use us as your back office and watch your profits skyrocket! We will build and maintain all aspects of your customers' websites for you. You will work directly with a business success coach who has a proven track record in mentoring you every step of the way, for as long as you own your business.

Requirements This is a full-time opportunity requiring an entrepreneurial spirit and drive (outside sales experience is a big plus). If you have been a successful sales person in the past, then you will certainly be successful giving away our flagship product with our easy to learn program. The ability to communicate with passion and determine your customer's website needs is a must. This is a massive opportunity to be part of a unique marketing approach and innovative system that gives you hands down the competitive advantage over all of your competitors.

Your Success = Our Success At IDS we know that your success equals our success. That's why we are proud to offer anunparalleled competitive advantage, a highly sought after product, comprehensive training and support, and a lucrative recurring income.

If you are ready to find out more about this tremendous business system, please complete the following information request form. We will contact you promptly to supply you with more detailed information and help you get off to a fast and successful start.


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