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The Best Automotive Franchise Opportunities in the USA

The automotive industry has long been an attractive category for aspiring franchise owners. There are nearly as many different types of automotive franchises as there are services and offerings for cars, such as maintenance, repairs, or car rentals. And regardless of the economy or gas prices,the number of automotive franchises is expected to grow due to rising car ownership in developing countries, new car sales, and maintenance and repair of older cars that continue to roam the world's expanding roadways.

The best automotive franchises offer franchisees the strength of an established brand name and reputation in addition to opportunities for growth. If you have an interest in cars and are interested in running your own business, an automotive franchise may be an ideal decision. For the best automotive franchises, check FranchiseHelp's ranking of the best car franchises available.

Automotive Franchise Opportunities in the USA

What types of automotive franchises opportunities are available for USA based entrepreneurs to own today? And what are the leading automotive franchises? Below we've assembled a description of the various types of automotive franchises a prospective franchisee might consider, as well as an analysis of the top automotive franchises overall according to SBA loan default rate data.

Types of Automotive Franchises for Sale

There are many different types of automotive franchises available, and each has its own capital requirements. The average cost of an automotive franchise varies by type, but you can buy an automotive franchise for as little as $5,000 (auto detail) or as much as $750,000 (car rental). Some franchises combine different auto services in one center, so many automotive businesses may overlap categories. Click on each automotive business type to learn more about the automotive business, franchisors, cost of start-up, and fees to figure out the best automotive franchises for you.

The Top 5 Automotive Franchises

These are the top 5 automotive franchises based on the 2011 SBA franchise loan default rate list. Top-ranking Goodyear Tire had 0.0% failure rate, while Jiffy Lube and Car-X are tied with a 10.0% failure rate. The best automotive franchises for you depend on your needs and franchisor requirements, so research each automotive business opportunity thoroughly. All of these franchises have plans to expand and grow franchisees, so click on each to find out more information.

  1. Goodyear Tire
  2. Valvoline Instant Oil Change
  3. Kwik Kar Oil & Lube
  4. Jiffy Lube (tie)
  5. Car-X Muffler Shop (tie)
One Franchisees Story - Bill Higgins Journey From the Telecom Industry to HOODZ Franchise Owner

HOODZ offers numerous commercial kitchen cleaning services, and has established the largest oven cleaning service network in the country. While Bill’s background may not have been directly related, he appreciated the tight knit owner network offered by HOODZ and the sticky nature of the business model. In Bill’s own words, “Your customers are yours to lose.” As a new business owner, Bill also valued the guidance and structure associated with the franchise system. The model for success is available, all you have to do is execute. In October of 2015, he launched his location in central Indiana.

Beware of Franchise Scams

A franchise is only as good as its brand name, which eventually determines the performance and success of other franchisees within the system. Aside from happy franchisees and a strong brand, another indicator of a strong franchise is one that utilizes a broad recruitment process, which at some point replaces the selling process so only the best prospects gain entry into the system.

Franchise Disclosure Document for Dummies – Part 3

In Item 8 of the FDD, franchisors are required to disclose designated and approved suppliers, franchisees’ mandatory purchases, and any rebates they receive from vendors as a result of franchisee purchases.