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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

How Franchisors Are Innovating To Serve Their Communities

It’s been quite some time since we’ve started to fight this war against an invisible enemy. Just as the news reports - individuals and businesses have been heavily impacted by the virus and we’ve had to adapt to the situation in ways we’ve never expected or experienced before. And more importantly than ever, the community's ability to come together and rally support for one another is one of the key factors to us riding out this pandemic.

We’ve heard so much about how people have been finding ways to support each other in these trying times - and here are a few of our favorite stories of franchises innovating their business model to adapt and push forward in this new economy.


The importance of maintaining a social distance when heading out for essential tasks

A concern on everyone’s minds right now is the issue of social distancing and reducing contact between individuals. As much as we’ve been trying to stay at home and isolate ourselves, there comes a time where we have to leave the house for essential tasks, such as ordering takeout or buying our groceries. Though these exchanges are minimal, nonetheless it poses a risk to both the customers and the employees serving customers.

While we as individuals collectively have taken personal responsibility to implement social distancing to the best of our abilities, Franchisors are taking action too. One of our franchise brands, Glass Doctor®, has not only focused on protecting their customers and staff, but they are servicing an urgent need for businesses desiring to protect their employees and customers.

Glass Doctor helping to keep people socially distant

Glass Doctor specializes in Home and Business or Auto glass repair, replacement and installation for both planned improvements and emergencies.

Because of Glass Doctor’s mobile services, they are able to quickly serve the vital needs of essential community businesses – which is to reduce physical contact for customers and employees.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, Glass Doctor has been installing glass guards and barriers for businesses whose customers and employees interact closely. These custom barriers help limit the spread of pathogens like those that cause the flu, common cold and coronavirus. Glass Doctor locations and its franchise owners across the country have responded to the increased demand businesses now have for protective glass barriers. This flexibility shows how a business can quickly adapt to serve its customers and communities in times of crisis.


Amidst a pandemic, the dissemination of information has never been more important

Since the craziness began, many cities across the globe have encouraged their citizens to stay at home. And as customers hunker down, the internet has become the primary method of disseminating information. 

As such, one particular franchise has decided to take on the reigns of providing advertising services to boost the local community!

Minuteman Press offering to help keep advertising going in this time

Minuteman Press is a printing franchise providing digital print, design and promotional services to businesses to help with their advertising. In light of COVID-19, Minuteman Press has launched its campaign Bounce Back USA - to support other businesses in their advertising.

Bounce Back USA has two main components:

  • Distributing COVID-19 awareness and prevention posters to businesses in their service areas
  • Providing free local advertising on their website in order for local businesses to stimulate growth within the region

It is extremely heartening to see how much Minuteman Press has stepped up to support local businesses. Their efforts help to create awareness for the local community by reminding individuals about how we can help to keep ourselves safe from the virus, and that the small businesses will be there for them when the economy recovers. We can’t wait to hear positive reports when things start turning around!


Supporting our frontline healthcare workers

While we’ve been staying at home in order to slow down the virus, we know how hard this period has been on healthcare workers all over the world. As cases continue to stream in, we know how important it is to continue rallying our healthcare workers on and show them our support as much as possible.

How Xpresso Delight fuels our frontline champions

Xpresso Delight is a ‘coffee as a service’ franchise where traditionally, offices can install a coffee machine in their space and would pay per usage. One of Xpresso Delight’s products also includes boxed Cold Brew that offices and businesses can keep and have readily on hand. 

Since the pandemic began, many local coffee shops have closed temporarily - and this means that healthcare workers no longer have access to that quick fix caffeine boost. Furthermore, we can only imagine how busy their days are with long shifts, so taking time to make coffee is often a no-go.

Hence, XpressoDelight has begun a ‘Coffee for Healthcare Heroes’ funding campaign - aiming to raise money to supply coffee to these frontline workers. This is just a simple way that the public can help to give back and show their support. Additionally, XpressoDelight has also decided to donate 20% of cold brew sales back to the campaign to keep these champions going!


As much as it seems like the world has been turned upside down, franchisors are always innovating to the evolving situation to suit the needs of the community around us. If you’re still thinking about whether you should open a franchise now or hold off until life resumes to a certain degree of normalcy - there’s no better time to prepare yourself for the economic recovery, than right now.

Interested in serving your community by opening a franchise? Take the franchise matching quiz here to get started!

Abigail Chloe Chew is the Digital Marketing and Accounts Specialist at FranchiseHelp. She’s kept at least six feet away from everyone for as long as she can remember. 

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