Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

How to Turn Your Passion for Cars Into Your Career

The Automotive Industry is on the up and up in the franchising world. If you have a passion for cars it is the ideal time to invest in this profitable business venture. Automotive franchises offer the benefits of high profits, low startup costs and brand recognition. Plus, the automotive franchising industry has been shown to be more profitable than food and beverage franchises.

Were you looking for a sign to get into the automotive industry? Then here it is! We can provide you with the proper tools to research and find the correct route to take finding your automotive business to fuel your passion for cars. All it takes is a few minutes taking our simple and fast franchise matching quiz!

Check out our list of recommended automotive franchises for you to own!  

Best of Automotive Franchises: 

1. Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise

A trusted name in the auto repair industry for over 30 years, Christian Brothers is a franchise opportunity that respects your faith, your family, and your employees and is focused on spiritual wellbeing — not just the bottom line. Find out more about the “Nice Difference” that makes us unique.

2. Ziebart Franchise

Ziebart is a leader in the vehicle appearance and protection services industry. The Company cleans, restores, and protects automobiles and has grown to a network of 400 worldwide licensed locations, and 1300 service centers worldwide-wide. Franchisees are not charged a royalty fee and Veterans do not pay the initial franchise fee.

3. Team Automotive Exteriors Franchise

Team Automotive Exteriors is a South Carolina corporation. Our main intent of Team Automotive Exteriors is to teach others how to become successful in the business. We are ready to teach you how to expand to the next level.

4. Tunex Automotive Specialists Franchise

Tunex Automotive Specialists offers an array of vehicle tune-up services, engine related repair and engine performance testing. Tunex also offers air conditioning and heating repair, emissions and safety control testing, preventive maintenance and offers repair to diesel and electric vehicles. No matter what the issue is, Tunex Automotive will be able to help inform and repair their customers.

5. Automotive Maintenance Solutions Franchise

Automotive Maintenance Solutions illustrates a well-established business with low turnover. AMS provides complete auto maintenance and the company holds more than $70 billion in maintenance service.

Rebecca Holmboe Marketing Manager
What Draws Investors to Franchising

Most prospective franchisees are drawn to the business by previous frustrating experiences in their past employments. This could have been caused due to lack of control over one’s work environment, being bound to report to superiors and insufficient room to exercise one’s authority at their work place. The micro- managing bosses, unresponsive organizational structures, or lack of voice in the organizations process are a few of the reasons why many people decide on investing in franchises as their new career. By investing in this business they take control over their own life with a little risk as compared to starting their own business from scratch.

Franchising and the Economy Infographic

In all the talk about deficits,unemployment, and the precarious state of our nation's economy, one of America's most powerful engines for recovery is often (and foolishly) excluded from the conversation -- a classic case of missing what's right under our nose. Developed and perfected right here in the U.S., the franchise business model represents the ideal blend of national heft and local business, accounting for hundreds of thousands of stores, millions of jobs, and billions in annual output.

Choosing the Right Franchise for Your Personality

There are hundreds of franchise opportunities in the United States and it can be difficult to find the right one for your personal needs. While many people consider factors such as finances, franchise rules and locations, they often fail to evaluate whether a specific franchise will suit their personality. In order to manage a successful business that gives you professional satisfaction, it needs to complement your individual characteristics.