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Coffee News


Coffee News is an international, fun-filled weekly publication produced and delivered free of charge by local franchisors to restaurants, coffee shops and the hospitality industry. Each issue contains short stories, trivia, horoscopes, interesting facts and jokes, plus a local event section edited by the franchisee. Income is derived from the sale of ads to small businesses in each community.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$8,500 - $8,500
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Offering a mix of everything from news to horoscopes, Coffee News® is "world's

1 restaurant publication" that’s customized for the your local area, and can

be read in a variety of places, ranging from cafes and restaurants to hotels and waiting rooms. Each edition is published by a local franchisee who can take the material that is provided and adapt it to their specific community. The goal of Coffee News® is to help local small businesses advertise and find new customers effectively.

What sets Coffee News® apart is the focus on not only providing entrepreneurial opportunities to its franchisees, but also its ability in offering an avenue for businesses to get their name out into the community and by making sure area events stay above the radar. Coffee News® readers are a captive audience that welcomes the chance to absorb the flavor of its surrounding community, while also being entertained with interesting stories and fascinating trivia.

History of Coffee News ®

Coffee News® was created in Winnipeg, Canada after its founder, Jean Daum, found herself bored while waiting for food from her favorite café in 1988. Enjoying immediate success, the publication branched out across Canada, leading Daum to create the franchise that now serves more than five million readers across the globe each week. In 1995, that success shifted to the United States, where Bill Buckley served as the first American franchisee, quickly becoming integral to the company's growth. Following Daum’s death in 2007, Buckley purchased the company’s international operations, while Daum’s daughter Candice took over Canadian operations. The publication has become the largest weekly restaurant publication in the world.

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