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Posted on Nov 23, 2011

5 Start-Ups That Make Us Thankful

Friends. Family. Food on the table. Yeah, yeah, yeah, all good stuff to be thankful for. But what about the really important stuff? All the sites and apps that make our lives just a little bit easier and bright? This year brought with it some innovations we didn’t even know we needed, like a site that tells you exactly which three minutes you need to watch of a football game to get the best of the game. So here are five wonderful start-ups to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Hipmunk: You’re looking for last-minute travel deals to go see family (or perhaps get away from family?), so click on over to this simple, clean travel site lets you compare times, airports and prices with the greatest of ease. Their best feature? A search function called “Agony” that gives you the least agonizing combination of stops, prices and total flight duration. They also offer hotel searches and a blog for insider travel advice and city guides.

TGI Black Friday: Don’t you wish you could have one place that tells you all the best Black Friday deals with cost comparisons and store hours and “leaked” ads that promise stampede-worthy savings? Download the TGI Black Friday app and wish no more. You’ll have access to all those coveted coupons that promise additional percentages off and instant push notifications when new ads pop up on the market.

Instagram: You just have to share that photo of Uncle Les passed out at the Thanksgiving table with cranberry sauce dribbling down his chin. What better way than with the hipster photo tool-du-jour that gives your camera snapshots that late 70s Polaroid look in a little square with a slight blur? And okay, if you have to share the photos of the little ones, too.

Thuuz: Cut down on the family fights this holiday weekend with less time in front of the TV and all that football. Let’s face it, most football games have about two minutes of real action. The guys over at Thuuz tell you exactly where those two minutes are. So no, you don’t need to watch the entire Lions/Packers game; DVR it and get to the essence of the matter.

HelpersUnite: All kidding aside, Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings and hopefully share some with those that don’t have as much as you. This brand-new site puts artists, charities and charitable people together to create amazing projects. They believe that “artists and entrepreneurs have the power, the social consciousness and the willingness to bring about positive change in the world.” Pretty powerful stuff.

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