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Posted on Dec 27, 2011

5 Things Business Owners Can Learn from Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow BusinessWhether it's for his theatrics at the end of each game or his vocal love of all things God, there's rarely a day that Tim Tebow isn't discussed by the media.  Love him or hate him, you can't argue with his results.  Here are 5 things business owners can learn from Saint Tebow.

  1. People Respond to Polarizing Figures  - After putting John 3:16 on his eye paint during the 2009 BCS championship, 92 million people looked up the verse online during or shortly after the game.  Sometimes it helps to spark up some controversy when thinking about an advertising campaign.
  2. Team-Up with Charities You Believe In – One of the biggest controversy’s Tebow had was his Super Bowl XLIV commercial endorsement.  In the commercial for the pro-life organization, Focus on the Family, Tebow and his mother appear discussing her issues during pregnancy and how she opted to have her "miracle baby". People who didn’t even watch football heard about Tebow because of the controversy it stirred. If you team up with a charity it is morally, and sometimes even tax, beneficial. It can also result in increased awareness.
  3. Win an Award–Strive to be the best and achieve accolades that you don’t think are even possible. Tebow was the first underclassman to ever win a Heisman Trophy. It’s not always likely to be the first in something, but try and you could increase earnings and awareness through a win.
  4. Pray - MC hammer once postulated that we have to pray just to make it today.  Tebow is this idea personified, whether your religious on Sunday for football or God you've probably prayed at one point as a football fan. The act of prayer is stopping all action, reflecting and giving thanks.  Using this in the business world – take  time every now and then to reflect on your business, or even just thank your employees so they know you appreciate them being great team players.
  5. Don't Try to Take-Down the Established Winner - As we saw a few weeks ago, sometimes the dominate force is going to stay the dominate force. Tom Brady vs. Tebow was well publicized, but in the end the best quarterback in the game remained on top. As a small business you'll be facing a lot of Tom Brady's. Stay true to your small business, and your service. Don't let the big guys psyche you out, because there might not be enough Tebowing in the world to get you out of that mess.
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Sue Funke is a comedic writer with a background in e-commerce. She studied writing at Hofstra University and writes for several online publications. You can see her performances on YouTube or learn more about her online store at

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