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Posted on Apr 22, 2011

Franchise Fridays for April 22, 2011: Top Franchise and Small Business News of the Week

Schwab to FranchiseCharles Schwab to Expand through Franchising

Charles Schwab, the largest discount brokerage operation in the United States, is taking tentative steps toward launching a franchise strategy. Schwab's CEO, Walt Bettinger, said that he anticipates a “handful of franchisees at the end of the year” and will closely monitor the performance of these non-company-owned branches before deciding if full-scale franchising will be in the cards for the brand.

Industry experts have expressed some concern that ceding control of select branches to independent affiliates (i.e., franchisees) could hurt Schwab’s top-flight reputation with clients, but most analysts also acknowledge that franchising could be an advantageous mechanism for the brokerage to extend its retail footprint.

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Papa John’s President & CEO ResignsPapa Johns Founder Takes Back CEO Position

J. Jude Thompson has resigned from being president, co-CEO and a director of Papa John’s International Inc. Thompson will leave Papa John’s to focus on Arison Insurance Services, an insurance agency, of which he is a principal and co-founder.

In the wake of Thompson's departure, "Papa" John Schnatter, the founder and spokesperson of Papa John’s, will take back the reins as CEO while continuing to serve as chairman of the board.

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Raving Brands buys The Original Italian Pie ChainThe Original Italian Pie Franchise

Big Game Brands, the holding firm of Raving brands, has purchased The Original Italian Pie chain, known for its gourmet pizzas and Italian-style sandwiches. With this acquisition, Big Game Brands adds a fourth brand to its portfolio of concepts. Big Game Brands president Daryl Dollinger outlines his firm's plans to expand The Original Italian Pie chain nationwide, beginning with the Southeast, with a target of 25 locations by the end of next year.

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McDonald’s Hiring Day Goes AwryMcDonald's Hiring Day Brawl

McDonald’s was shooting for enormous PR when the company announced its intention to hold a 50,000 employee "National Day of Hiring". Well, it sounds like Ronald may be getting more publicity than he bargained for, as the hiring frenzy turned into a brawl at an Ohio McDonald’s restaurant, as two women began fighting each other in a conflict that moved from inside the restaurant, out into the crowd, and ultimately into a car (which was kicked into reverse and struck 3 bystanders). Even the owner and manager of the McDonald’s restaurant were among the wounded.

The search is still on for the driver of the car.

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Good Beef for Taco BellTaco Bell Fights Back Against Lawsuit Plaintiff

With the lawsuit concerning Taco Bell’s beef dismissed, the famous Mexican QSR concept is biting back against those who would besmirch their culinary offerings. Taco Bell took out full page advertisements in the NY Times, LA Times and USA Today asking the plaintiffs in the (now infamous) January lawsuit, “Would it kill you to say you’re sorry?”

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