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Posted on Nov 06, 2011

FranchiseKnowHow Publishes The Franchise Buyers Manual

Recently, I published  The Franchise Buyers Manual for prospective franchisees. I was able to use my experience as a former franchise executive and franchisee to develop a process and guide for people considering a franchise.  After having met with hundreds of franchise candidates throughout my career I learned what questions people should  ask before purchasing a franchise. All of us who participate in the franchise industry benefit from successful franchisees and healthy franchise systems. An important way to reach this objective is to better educate and enable those considering franchise opportunities. I  produced The Franchise Buyers Manual  to help educate and inform. Its  full of information and tools for anyone interested in franchising. Included is a disk ( link in the digital version) that includes a sample Franchise Disclosure Document, forms and Excel spread sheets for calculating an ROI, Break Even and Financial pro forma. Click here to learn more about the manual.

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