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Posted on Nov 10, 2014

From Enlisted to Entrepreneur: Veterans Receive Franchise Discounts Nov. 11

On November 11th, we not only honor those who’ve fought for our country, but recognize the 4.7 percent of veterans who have contributed their blood, sweat and tears and are continuously fighting this constant battle we call “unemployment.” In honor of Veterans Day, various franchises across the country have taken the approach to thank our veterans and active military by offering phenomenal franchise discounts (some even all year round)!

Scott Wallace, founder and CEO of Wallace Property Management Group, extends his welcome to veterans by providing veterans a 33 percent discount off their start-up franchise fee. As a VetFran partner and having family members served in the military, Wallace believes that veterans would make the ideal franchise-owner with loyalty, duty, selfless service, and integrity as their core values. Located near Fort Jackson’s Military Base, Wallace Property Management Group offers additional benefits to veterans as a franchise owner including, but aren’t limited to:

  • Rental installation to veterans and active military

  • Home-based business

  • Low start up cost

  • Pre-opening, on-site, remote and ongoing training and mentoring

  • Their own personalized, local market website

Preferred HealthStaff is unique in that it offers veterans help in two ways. First, PHS is an in home healthcare franchise that can help veterans, or anyone, who needs medical care or just a little help at home.   

Second, Donna Moyer, co-founder of Preferred HealthStaff, is a member of the International Franchise Association and it's partner VetFran. It's mission is to help veterans and their spouses find opportunities after active duty. As part of that, Moyer also offers a substantial discount to veterans looking to join her team. Moyer's family has a history of military service, so she is happy to be able to support a community that has given so much to this country.

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