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Posted on Aug 13, 2011

From Superbowl Champ to Franchise Owner

Willie Mcginest Franchise Owner WingstopWillie McGinest may be best known as a dominating defensive force for the New England Patriots dynasty of the 2000's, but these days he's trying to make a bigger name for himself in the franchise game.  Willie is currently a franchise owner of Wingstop and Swirlz and he previously owned a Baskin-Robbins and Togo's.

For today's franchise interview, franchise opportunities leader and put NFL legend Willie on the hot seat to learn how he has managed the transition from the football field to the business world.

You can find out more about Willie at or follow him on twitter @WillieMcGinest.

This is a fairly long interview, so here's a quick summary of the questions that were covered:

  1. What led you to get into the franchise business after football?
  2. What led you, specifically, into the restaurant industry?
  3. What did you learn from Magic Johnson's business success?
  4. How did you assemble a reliable business team to help support your ventures while you were on the field?
  5. There have been so many publicized athlete investment blunders and poor business decisions; how did you go about avoiding the mistakes of other former pros?
  6. What would you suggest to young athletes today who are thinking about life and career after sports?
  7. Have you leveraged your celebrity status to bolster your business investments?
  8. Are you very involved, day-to-day, with the businesses?
  9. Can you tell everyone about the Willie McGinest Foundation?
  10. What’s next for you?
  11. Viewer questions: Owning the Colts on 4th & Goal, Adam Vinatieri just before a HUGE field goal attempt, and more…

Superbowl Champion Willie McGinest from Under30CEO.
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