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Posted on May 21, 2011

How a Family History of Breast Cancer Inspired Linda Bamber to Start the BRAS Franchise

BRAS Franchise Breast Cancer AwarenessLinda Bamber founded the Breast Research Awareness & Support franchise - better known as BRAS - in 2008 and started franchising in 2009. In only three years, this franchise has already made huge hits around the nation, including in Blue Springs, MO, Overland Park, KS, Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA. This author, teacher, and all in all breast cancer activist tells FranchiseHelp readers how her desire to educate others about breast health escalated into the start of one of the hot new healthcare franchises.

In one sentence what is the BRAS Franchise concept?

The BRAS Franchise mission statement is to help women become more proactive in breast health prevention and educate women on thermography as a breast health screening tool. We also provide supporting supplements for breast health and a detoxification tool called a BioMat.

What inspired you to start the BRAS franchise?

After my mother and sister were diagnosed with breast cancer six months apart from one another, I was inspired to write a book about breast health. When I was looking for a publisher, I spoke at many conferences and workshops for breast health. In one conference in Kansas, three women approached me about becoming involved in my research, eventually sparking the idea of starting a new franchise for breast health. As it turns out, my initial decision to write a book about breast health became a catalyst for the start of BRAS and is used as the education manual. 

What do you believe is lacking in the medical attention, prevention and detection of breast health and how is BRAS able to fill that gap?

These days, women do not know enough about prevention methods for breast cancer. However, BRAS stays on the cutting edge of information, keeping women informed about how to better protect their own health. For instance, BRAS recently observed that vitamin D is highly effective in reducing the risks of breast cancer along with many other tips and techniques to protect their breast health.     

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What are BRAS breast health prevention rates compared to a routine mammogram at a local physician’s office?

 BRAS health prevention is not in competition with the  routine mammogram. Rather, BRAS uses a breast health screening tool called thermography in junction with routine mammograms. When these two tools are used together, the prevention and detection rates are 97 % to 98%. Thermography is a great tool in health protection. Unlike routine mammograms, it does not induce the "smashing" feeling or utilize radiation. As many women are starting to learn, radiation does in fact accumulate inside the body over time. Thermography is by no means a recent medical technique. It has been used since the time of Hippocrates. In the past, people coated patients with mud and observed places that the organ system would dry first. This indicated areas of high inflammation and were further investigated.

What was your professional background prior to founding BRAS?

 I taught gifted education in the past. I am also a nutritionist and ND in natural health.

What percentage of BRAS franchisees are female? What percentage are male, if any?

  Having witnessed their mothers, wives, sisters, and other beloveds struggle with breast cancer, more and more men are becoming involved in the BRAS franchise. Men are just as interested in the BRAS franchisees as women. Ex-NFL players are also interested in investing in BRAS franchisees. These football players have invited me to a conference that will run from Jun 2nd to 3rd in the Palms in Las Vegas. This conference is intended to help other NFL ex-players protect their finances, and as one male pro-athlete mentioned, opening a BRAS franchise is one of the easiest way of doing this.

Does a potential franchisee need to have experience in the medical field to own a BRAS franchise?

 No, a potential franchisee will have the opportunity to train as a clinical thermographer. The thermographer would transmit the thermography images to medical doctors who then interpret this information for the BRAS franchise.

Years of your breast health research serves as a teaching manual for franchisees. How effective are the franchisees in implementing breast health education towards the success of their franchise?

By improving education about supplemental prevention and detection methods, women will be allowed to permanently improve their lifestyles and breast health. Our thermography serves as a great educational resource for these women. For example, the thermography for one woman indicated an unusual amount of heat in her breasts due to the inflammation in her body. I believed that this inflammation was due to the large amount of diet soda that she was consuming each day and convinced her to eliminate soda from her diet. During her second thermography session, the results of the test indicated a remarkable reduction in the inflammation in her body, demonstrating the effectiveness of thermography as an informative tool for breast health.

We’ve talked a lot about all of the great things you are doing at BRAS.  What are some of the risks of opening up a BRAS franchise that all franchisees should be aware of?

Many health educators advocate thermography, so the BRAS branding is growing every day.  Franchisees should be aware that this is an educational system and it takes time to educate because most women do not know about the safety and effectiveness of thermography.  A complete educational system is in place for you to share in a variety of ways.

Whats the best piece of advice you ever  received regarding starting your own business?

Whatever business you decide to start, make sure that you have passion for what you are doing. Also seek out employees who are amiable, teachable, and most importantly, have a common passion for your cause.

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