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Posted on Feb 08, 2011

How to Become a Zen Master of Sales

Sales- it's what your business runs on, but it seems to be the hardest thing to perfect. Franchisees don't want to become the cheesy used car salesman with a rehearsed speech, but what can you do to create a style that is unique and effective at the same time?

The best suggestions are those that help you gain credibility as a salesperson and help you understand the motivation of your customer while gaining franchise prosperity. When you get started as a franchisee, you should create an approach which allows you to get to know the client, and therefore build relationships that will help your business in the long-run.

Here are a few tips, courtesy of ESB Journal, that can help you become a top salesperson.

  1. Focus on service. By going out of your way to meet the client's needs, you are more likely to have a loyal customer on your hands, and you will gain the reputation of being willing to go above and beyond in your field.
  2. Be honest. Bad news travels fast, and a salesperson caught lying will immediately be victim to an outpouring of negative reviews that will undoubtedly hurt your business and lose you clients. Act with integrity and people will respect you.
  3. Be self-motivating. Set goals for yourself and complete them within a deadline. Start out small, with goals that are easier to attain, and then gradually start to challenge yourself. Through this you will develop determination and ambition, driving you to gain more clients.
  4. Use your personal experiences and stories to connect with the client. This will put both you and the customer at ease, and therefore more likely to complete a sale.

Check out the full article at ESB Journal.

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