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Posted on Oct 19, 2011

How Franchises Can Connect to Customers Using Social Media

Social Media for FranchisesThere's no denying it, social media has taken this world by storm, but people often don't know how to leverage social media to help grow their franchise. People scoffed at first when Obama used Twitter and video games to reach his demographic, but no one was laughing when millions of young voters were offering him rallying cries of support. Now social media has snowballed into a critical (and cost-effective) way for a franchisee to increase their client base, show their product to the world, and increase franchise prosperity.

Gone are the days when mass press releases mailed out to hundreds of companies will make a meaningful impact.  Trade that old technique for getting on twitter and start connecting with thousands of customers within a few months. The most important aspect of social media is staying involved and doing your research. If you just open accounts in different social media platforms, but never update or become engaged in the community, it's just a waste of time (and a username).

There is a way to have a rockstar social media strategy for your franchise, courtesy of NY Entreprise Report.

The absolute first step to get started in franchising with social media is to do your homework. You can't just start tweeting out random facts that bear little relevance to the industry and your customer. Doing some industry analysis is a great way to get to know the hot topics facing the industry and what your customers are interested in learning more about.  Try researching Facebook, Twitter, blogs, videos, and other websites that might serve as competitors to get a sense for where to start.

Contrary to what people may think, social media is not about creating another venue to sell your product. It's about networking and starting REAL relationships with people and other businesses. Over time, you will gain a presence and credibility as a truly valuable resource on the web, which will gradually start to bring in new customers. You want to make sure that everything you write about in social media connects absolutely to your business. The goal should be to become that niche company that is a great resource for one or two specific areas of content, and use that to really place yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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