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Posted on Oct 21, 2015

IFPG Announces Emerging Franchise Membership

New program gives members access to expert guidance, ongoing education

 Parlin, NJ, Wednesday, October 21, 2015: International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has announced the launch of their new membership for emerging franchisors, the IFPG Emerging Franchise Membership. This new membership is the fifth membership option offered by IFPG which is the brainchild of Founding Member, Don Daszkowski.

"We have identified over time that emerging franchisors do not have enough access to specific education tailored towards the early stages of growing a franchise system," says Daszkowski. "These emerging franchisors can be much more successful with expert guidance from industry professionals that have already been through the process, our program offers continued education and expert guidance."

Most emerging franchises don’t have instantly recognizable brand names or decades-long track records, many represent qualities most desired by new franchisees  —  innovative products and services, potentially lucrative business models and opportunities to grow in untapped or underserved markets.

IFPG -- International Franchise Professionals Group

But as they ramp-up growth emerging franchises often face daunting challenges, and they ask common questions. How do you build the most effective teams? How much money do you spend on critical aspects of a franchise such as lead generation, marketing and technology? How do you avoid burnout?  How do you inspire undying devotion to your brand?  

International Franchise Performance Group (IFPG) is pleased to offer a solution for emerging franchises that can drastically minimize some of the common pitfalls companies face in their beginning years. The IFPG has designed the IFPG Emerging Franchise Membership with the mission of supporting the developing franchise company on many levels.

IFPG’s membership offers a vital network of resources to the emerging franchisor. The IFPG's 800+ members consist of franchisors, franchise brokers, lenders and many other critical franchise industry professionals. In addition, membership gives access to over 400+ IFPG franchise consultants who help franchisor members find new franchisees.  

The IFPG Emerging Franchise Membership program is $125 per month and offered as a month-to-month option with no minimum contract.

For more info on the IFPG Emerging Franchise Membership visit:

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