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Posted on Aug 18, 2014

InXpress Partners with ShipStation to Provide Better Shipping Solutions to E-commerce Merchants and Others

This month, InXpress and ShipStation begin a new partnership, expanding services to offer shipping solutions to an even wider audience.

The new relationship combines InXpress’ international express shipping rates with ShipStation’s e-commerce multi-carrier domestic shipping options. Now, merchants and online retailers can access the best international and domestic shipping rates through ShipStation.

InXpress’ discounted shipping rates will appear within the ShipStation Web-based app, and InXpress customers can create DHL Express waybills alongside domestic carriers like USPS, UPS and FedEx.

“We’re always looking for ways to offer improved shipping solutions to our customers,” said Dustin Hansen, CEO of InXpress USA. “Teaming up with ShipStation will help facilitate the growth of InXpress through a more convenient, cost-saving shipping solution.”

Through this new partnership, InXpress customers can now:

  • Create DHL Express waybills with InXpress rates alongside domestic carriers like USPS, UPS and FedEx
  • View InXpress rates for DHL Express within ShipStation
  • Automate shipping settings and create labels in bulk
  • Integrate with e-commerce platforms to provide tracking information
  • Automatically update marketplaces and shopping carts when orders have shipped
  • Communicate shipping information automatically

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