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Posted on Jan 13, 2011

How Mobile Marketing Can “Mobilize” Your Franchise Marketing - Part 1

Given the precarious state of today’s economy, franchise organizations are on "high alert" for new ways of increasing their franchise development capabilities and helping their franchisees to increase revenues. While recent technology advances provide a variety of methodologies that can be useful in achieving these goals, there is one that has only recently come to the forefront of marketer’s awareness – Mobile Marketing. While you may not yet have heard a lot about it, be assured that in the very near future, you will need to know as much about it as you previously needed to know about direct mail, telemarketing, radio or TV.

Types of Mobile Marketing

First, let's review what it is. Mobile Marketing is a simple to use, targeted and measurable method of reaching consumers anywhere, anytime via their mobile phones. There are a variety of methods of Mobile Marketing, among them are:

  • SMS (short message service aka "texting")
  • MMS (multi-media message service)
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Bluetooth (short-range wireless technology; up to approx. 33 ft, aka proximity marketing)
  • Location-Based Marketing via GPS
  • QR Codes (quick-response barcodes)
  • Two-dimensional barcode
  • Voice/Interactive Voice Response
  • Mobile Banner Ads
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Websites

How can Franchises Use Mobile Marketing?

  • A franchisor can communicate with all franchisees in their organization at one time via text message to remind them about an upcoming deadline or special event, insuring a timely and consistent message delivery
  • A fitness club franchise can post class schedules or let potential customers sign up for an initial free visit on their mobile device
  • A cleaning service can use mobile to notify customers that they’re on the way to their home so customers can meet them instead of waiting for them for hours; then the customer can use their mobile phone to make a payment directly to the company
  • A restaurant franchise can post seasonal menus or send coupons to their customer database
  • A plumbing franchise can list rates and emergency numbers for consumer referral
  • A sandwich shop can send coupons to a customer’s phone when they drive by his store during lunch hour to entice them to come in to the store
  • A franchisor can send voice messages to a group of prospective franchisees taking part in the franchise development process all at once; the franchisor can insure that all receive the same accurate version of the message, and they can save payroll costs because it takes only moments to have the message sent once instead of hours for personnel to make the calls directly

The author, Linda Daichendt, is Founder, CEO and Managing Consultant for Strategic Growth Concepts, a marketing / management consulting firm focused on start-up, small and mid-sized businesses. Areas of specialization include: Mobile Technology Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Virtual Events production and contacting us via email at to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

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