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Posted on Oct 18, 2011

Servicing the Elderly Through Franchising

Right at Home Interview - Right at Home Couple Dancing - Franchise HelpAndrea Pfahl is the Development Coordinator for the Right At Home franchise, a senior care franchise. With extensive experience managing the franchisee development process, from opening day through initial sales, Pfahl understands the challenges and keys to success with senior care franchises.

Pfahl sat down with to provide an overview of the Right At Home senior care franchise system and to offer her insights on achieving success as a franchisee in the senior care industry.

Andrea, your job title is Right At Home Development Coordinator, is that correct?

Yes, as the Right At Home Development Coordinator I manage contracts with the sales department and franchise brokers.

The International Franchise Association is reporting that there is a disproportionate number of female franchisees, not only in healthcare franchises, but in all franchises. When researching women and entrepreneurship, we found networking is a key tool for women that is often overlooked. What has been your observation regarding Right At Home female franchisees and networking?

An interesting fact is that one of our female sales people owned a HoneyBaked Ham franchise. This lady has a tremendous amount of experience in franchising and sales. When speaking with her she always references the fact that networking has been a critical tool in her sales success. When she is looking to sell Right At Home franchise opportunities to potential buyers, developing great relationships with those potential franchisees has proven of great value.

When women consider purchasing a Right At Home franchise, what is the likelihood of their success or longevity?

Currently, our top performer amongst franchisees is a woman located in Los Angeles. We also have 2 ladies in Kansas that are Right At Home franchisees and they have been going strong for 9 to 10 years.


How does Right At Home support franchisees' success or longevity?

Right At Home prides itself on getting to know the franchisee and developing a long term relationship. Developing a culture of high quality franchisees is key to the success of determining a successful Right At Home franchisee.

When applying to become a Right At Home franchisee getting to know the applicants goals is of extreme importance. Right At Home wants to know the reasons why you are looking to go into business, such as:

  • Are looking to pass your business off to a manager in daily operations?
  • Are you looking to develop a business you will later sell?
  • What are your specific personal goals?

What are reasons that women would be interested in purchasing a Right At Home Franchise?

When franchising you're getting a system. You are looking for calculated risk. Women have to keep in mind there is a little bit of calculated risk.

What is the concept of Right At Home Franchise?

Right At Home Franchise provides in home care to the aging population. There will be 78 million baby boomers over the next 18 years. I would like to add that Right At Home achieved all of its success prior to baby boomers turning 65.

What is the Right At Home mentoring process and how does this mentorship help franchisees achieve success?

Right At Home has managers from the corporate level that serve as a direct contact for new franchisees. For example, if you are a new franchisee, managers will conduct site visits and during the site visits there is a focus on marketing business and developing business with referral sources.  The purpose of managers serving as direct contacts to new franchisees basically helps to improve any revenue generating methods. This type of one-on-one mentorship is successful because it prevents a new franchisee from having to speak with many different persons and it helps the new franchisee to get the business going.

What elements or factors should a person consider before purchasing a franchise?

There are two key components a person should consider:

This interview was conducted by contributor Christy Harvey.  Christy earned her B.A. in Political Science from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama, and recently completed her MBA studies.  A world traveler and avid blogger always on the lookout for new experiences, Christy has worked for BET, as a contract federal investigator, as a social media consultant, and as a contributor for, the triond network, and Demand Studios.

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