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Posted on Nov 22, 2011

Small Businesses Shine in the Wake of Black Friday

While big businesses like Walmart and Target gear up with endless Black Friday commercials touting layaway, cheap prices and midnight specials (does anyone else feel like a midnight special sounds like a deal you’d get from a prostitute?) small businesses have the opportunity to stand-out in their communities.

Here are a few ways small businesses have been able to battle big businesses on Black Friday;

  1. Shop Local Angle – While people will be lining up in front of mega stores at crazy hours of the day, and night, smaller businesses can promise convenience of location, neighborly staff, and an absence of crazy crowds. With stores opening so early at the malls, small businesses can offer reasonable open times with shorter lines.
  2. Personal Touch - Being a small business on the internet gives owners a more personal tone with shoppers. While Best Buy’s Facebook Page has a corporate presence, a small business can offer more tailored deals and personal help. People are more likely to interact with a person than a corporation if asked what they’re shopping for. In-store personal touches can also draw shoppers. Offering comforts such as coffee, seating areas, or even in-store babysitting are ways to provide exceptional service not often found at bigger stores.
  3. Shop with Experts – While some big businesses boast experts available in their stores, small businesses with expert information have more obtainable staff. Smaller lines, and stores, usually mean more chances for staff to interact and help shoppers find the products they need.
  4. Small Business Saturday from American Express –Some small business owners don’t even have to fret waking up at the break of dawn on Friday.  They stay in their post-turkey coma resting up for Small Business Saturday. Started by American Express in 2010, this day-after Black Friday sale behooves Amex card holders that pre-register for a savings of $25 off their bill when they shop at smaller stores. This year the promotion has expanded to Facebook and several businesses are hoping to join in the 9% increase seen by the businesses that participated last year.
Though the playing field is not level between big business and small business on Black Friday, it doesn’t mean that small businesses lose out. By offering a different shopping experience many small businesses can increase earnings this holiday shopping weekend.
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