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Posted by Eli Robinson on 2014-12-18

Top Five Franchise Ideas for 2015

Everyone has at least a small inkling to be an entrepreneur. It only takes working for a crappy boss for one day to realize how much better of a decision maker you would be relative to your boss.

For some of you, opening a franchise represents the opportunity to get out of corporate America and finally strike it out on your own. For others, franchising represents a great investment that promises to beat the 1% your savings account is delivering you every year.

Whatever your reason for being interested in opening your own franchise, it all starts with a good idea. And we’ve put together the five best franchise ideas for 2015, each ready to help you realize your goals:

  1. Woman Working From Home

    Work from home – It’s 2015. Working from home is all the rage. And franchises are the cutting edge of allowing franchisees to run entire businesses from the comforts of your home office. With all the advances in technology, it’s amazing what you can accomplish with an internet connection. Imagine being able to skip all the incredibly annoying parts of going to “the office” and focus on your family and your business!

  2. Open a restaurant – The classic franchise category. Restaurants are the most popular type of franchise and they are profitable as well. Everyone’s gotta eat. These range from franchise systems that have as many as 25,000 locations all the way down to 2. Decide what type of system you want to be a apart of, and become a restauranteur.

  3. Take advantage of the U.S.’s aging population – One of the fastest growing franchise sectors is senior care, as the Baby Boomers are getting the point where they need in-home care. Senior care franchises are an incredibly lucrative and low overhead way to help tackle the need in our economy. You’ll run the business while you hire people to take care of your clients.

  4. American Flag

    Use your veteran status to get a discount on a franchise fee – Franchises everywhere absolutely love working with veterans. Your leadership ability combined with your enthusiasm for whatever you do makes you a perfect franchise candidate. Some franchises go as far as to discount the cost to start one of their locations because they’re eager to get you involved in their system.

  5. Tell us what you like, and we’ll help – We know that you may not know what type of franchise is right for you. We get it. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t an easy decision to make, and coming up with your own idea can be even more difficult. That’s why we’ve developed a brief quiz to help us provide you with personalized recommendations. If you have 2 minutes, click here to see what we think are the right franchises for you!

Good luck deciding on the right franchise idea for you. Just know that opening up your own business is an amazing opportunity, and one that you should definitely take advantage of.

For a little extra inspiration, take a listen to how Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, decided to open his own business:

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