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Posted on Jun 27, 2011

Welcome to Economist Franchise Fair Attendees!

Welcome Economist Franchise Fair Attendees to Franchise Help

Hello, Economist Franchise Fair attendees! We're delighted to have you join the thousands of others who've already discovered

Before we get going, here's how to get your free 10-Day Course on How to Choose & Buy a Franchise:

This is an exclusive, 10-Day Franchise Course (delivered via email) -- packed chock-full of critical info and insider advice to get you up to speed on exactly how to go about researching and purchasing the perfect franchise business (if in fact franchising is right for you). The course is totally free of charge, and no one who is seriously considering a franchise investment should go forward without obtaining this crucial guidance.

What's in these materials? Here's the course's "lesson plan":

  • Day 1 - Scary Statistics from a Harvard Professor
  • Day 2 - The Myth of "Buying" a Franchise
  • Day 3 - Is Franchising Right for Me?
  • Day 4 - Which franchise Do I "Buy"?
  • Day 5 - Time to Do Research - reading the Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Day 6 - Additional Research (Beyond the FDD)
  • Day 7 - How Do I Finance My Franchise Purchase?
  • Day 8 - Preparing to Sign the Franchise Agreement
  • Day 9 - Almost Up and Running
  • Day 10 - Latest Trends & Developments in Franchising Today

Our suggestion is that you sign up for the course and either go through the emails as they arrive over the next 10 days or just save them in your inbox as a valuable resource to refer to later in your franchise search.

Who we are: was founded way back in 1996 to cut through all the b.s. that's so rampant in the franchise industry. Our mission is to give ordinary folks the expert advice and hard facts they need to make smart and successful franchise investment decisions. Since going online in the 1990s, we've helped countless entrepreneurs sift through thousands of franchise opportunities to find the business that's just right for them, and we're here to help you out, too.

Why take our advice?

We were The Economist's pick for their Franchise Fair attendees because of our years of franchise experience, our award-winning content, and our understanding of EXACTLY what you're going through as you think about investing in a franchise business. Don't take The Economist's word for it: we've worked with Harvard Business School alumni, are listed as a resource for Stanford University business school students, and were a 2011 Wall Street Journal pick as a top site for entrepreneurs -- so we'd better know what we're talking about!

How to use

We have all kinds of advice to get you started, help with your search, and make sure you avoid mistakes.

Here's a quick sample of our "how-to" type content and guides -- feel free to read in any order (you'll notice we go much more in-depth than most anything you'll find online -- that's very much on purpose. Take this search seriously: a franchise is a BIG investment!)

Ready to start exploring industries? You can use the Fast Franchise Search tool, located at the top-right of every page on this blog (looks just like the image to the right), to search for franchises by industry and investment level.Fast Franchise Search Tool - Franchise Help

If you're still looking for more high-level guidance on industries, you can go directly to our franchise and industry write-ups. Here are some popular franchise industry write-ups:

Of course, you can also find thousands of franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements, and sources for your due diligence in our FDD / UFOC Franchise Documents Store.

Finally, if you're ever looking for information or documents pertaining to a particular franchise business, you can just navigate to the homepage and search using the Universal Search Box at the top-right of every page (looks just like the image to the right). The Universal Search is pretty amazing -- just start typing the name of a franchise or industry to see what happens!Universal Franchise and Industry Search Box - Franchise Help

Once you get to a franchise page, you can read up on tons of stats and info on that opportunity, and then if you want to get even more details you can simply fill out the form and click "Request More Information" to request that franchises reach out to YOU with all their particulars. Nice!

Welcome once again to -- and we wish you the greatest success in pursuing your franchise business goals!

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