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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Shopify Helps Online Store Owners Manage Their Businesses and Customers

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Listen up, online store owners: Shopifycan make your shopkeeping easier. Shopify is a highly customizable e-commerce platform thatsmall businessowners can use to run their digital stores. Shopify hosts your store, takes credit card payments, and tracks orders, making it a virtual real estate manager and sales associate all at once.

But it’s not only for small business users. Shopify is used by a diverse array of retailers to sell merchandise from bands like the Foo Fighters to popular games like Angry Birds to worldwide non-profit organizations like Amnesty International. In 2010 alone, stores utilizing Shopify made over $100 million in sales.

There are many benefits of using Shopify. Shopify offers a uniquely customizable storefront, and you can buy additions to help market or customize your product.As a Shopify user, your products are listed in the Shopify network, which adds search engine benefits to your store. The platform also provides tracking information, so store owners can better understand customers and analyze page hits, among other statistics. Included fraud protection prevents users’ private information from being stolen.

Shopify offers different plan levels ranging from Basic to Premier. Depending on each store’s plan, Shopify charges fees up to 2% of each transaction processed, as well as a monthly fee. Only the most expensive plan, Premier, has no fee on each transaction.

Shopify was launched in the summer of 2006 to help simplify the process of starting an online store. In the years since, Shopify has kept up with the latest business technology trends, developing versions for mobile devices and integrating cloud computing.

For any small business owner or entrepreneur looking to make online sales, Shopify offers a simpler alternative to building your own e-commerce platform. In exchange for a small commission on sales, you get an easy-to-use web store with top-notch service and tracking abilities. Try it: Shopify offers a 30-day trial without commitment.

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